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Installation tips for kitchen backsplash tile by Industry experts

Installation tips for kitchen backsplash tile by Industry experts: Installing a kitchen backsplash can be time consuming, here are a few tips to help with that glass tile backsplash project. Visit article to see:

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Liven Up Your Kitchen or Bathroom With Ceramic Tile Backsplashes

 Liven Up Your Kitchen or Bathroom With Ceramic Tile Backsplashes
When you’ve made the decision to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, there are several things to keep in mind, such as type of material, coverage area, decorating style and of course your budget. Of these items, your budget will be the key determining factor as the amount of money you have to spend will determine what material you use and how much area you can cover. To maximize your options, a ceramic tile backsplash could be the ideal choice for you. Ceramic tile has several advantages over other material types. These include low cost, ease of upkeep, and wide variety of colors and styles.

My Tile Backsplash offers a dizzying array of ceramic tile, ranging from field tiles to our breathtaking mosaic offerings. You can use our ceramic offerings to completely redesign your kitchen, for example, or, if a total remodel isn’t what you had in mind, just add a stunning backsplash behind your sink or stove, which will totally transform the look of your kitchen for a fraction of the cost of a complete remodeling. In addition to looking marvelous, ceramic tile is easy to clean, a fact that will come in handy in a busy kitchen!

To clean the tile, just dampen a cloth or paper towel and wipe clean. It’s quite easy. Be sure wipe down the grout as well, as over time food and dirt can build up here and be a huge hassle to clean if left unattended. Choose from a variety of colors, and brighten up that dull, drab bathroom. If you already have an idea in mind for your kitchen or bathroom and just need a finishing touch, our accent tiles can complement your other tile and bring the room together in a unique way.

Not only can you add your own style to an existing design, if you’re completely redesigning your room, you can use our mosaic tiles to contrast with solid colors, creating an eye-catching space that will stand out among your new tile. If you’re looking to add an old-time feel to your space, try our crackled tile, which is sure to give your kitchen or bathroom an aged, authoritative look. The type of tile you choose will add its own personality to your project. Take a look at our offerings and call or click today to get started on transforming your home!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Quick And Easy Guide To Tile And Backsplash

 The Quick And Easy Guide To Tile And Backsplash
You’ve decided that your kitchen could use an update or that your bathroom is a little drab, but you don’t know where to start. There are so many products to choose from in different styles, made of different materials, how will you ever make a decision? And what do the different terms mean? We will help you make sense of the options and hopefully show you that you can do many of these improvement projects yourself! The process of choosing and installing your tile can be broken down into a few steps that will make this an easy and rewarding process for you.

1. Choose The Material

When it comes to choosing what type of tile you’ll use, My Tile Backsplash offers several types of material to select from. We offer stone, metal and glass tile in a variety of colors and patterns. What type of material you choose depends on the type of project you’re planning and of course, your individual style.

2. Choose The Pattern

Once you’ve selected a type of material, you need to settle on a color and pattern. We offer many different colors and patterns such as our glass subway tile in bamboo, or our stainless steel tile, with its distinctively modern look. We also offer pewter and ceramics tile that is sure to please. Of course, our stone offerings come in a variety of patterns, including the popular mosaic style.

3. Gather Your Equipment And Materials

Once you’ve selected your tile, and assuming this is a do-it-yourself project, you’ll need to get some equipment and additional materials to do the job yourself. What type of equipment you need will of course depend on what type of tile you’ve chosen. If you’ve selected ceramic or stone for example, you will need grout. If you’ve gone with metal tile, metal shears may be in order. My Tile Backsplash offers Mapei unsanded grout in a variety of colors, as well as Bostik Dimension Reflective Pre-Mixed Urethane Grout that goes perfectly with glass tile, creating a pleasing depth effect.

My Tile Backsplash has everything you need for your project, and we’re eager to help you get started. Browse our selection of quality products and order today!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Revitalize Your Pool With A Tile Makeover

 Revitalize Your Pool With A Tile Makeover
In the spring and summer, your pool is most likely the focus of your home. It’s a place of relaxation, exercise and socializing. Family and friends spend hours gathered around it, so naturally you want your pool to be inviting place to all who gather at your home. An effective way to make your pool appealing to visitors is to remodel with new tile. My Tile Backsplash can help you enhance the look of your pool with our wide variety of ceramic and glass tile offerings.

Enhance Your Waterline With Glass Tile

Your waterline is what swimmers will notice first about your pool, so naturally you’ll want to pay special attention to it. Glass tile can create a stunning visual effect around the edge of your pool while being easy to clean. In addition, glass tile is very durable and will not degrade from sunlight and the chemicals in your pool. We offer glass tile in an assortment of colors and styles, from our 1x1 Aurora Collection Handmade Glass Crystal, to our subway tile collection, available in various sizes. Whatever look you seek to create, we’re sure to have just the thing for you. But don’t limit yourself to just glass when choosing materials for your remodeling project!

Ceramic Tile Waterlines Are Attractive And Inexpensive

When it comes to remodeling your pool, you’d like to think that money is no object, but obviously, this is most likely not the case. In fact, your budget will be the primary determining factor in how you choose to redo your pool. With that in mind, consider ceramic tile. It’s inexpensive as compared to glass, and easy to clean. It also comes in a variety of colors and styles, from plain single-colored tiles to delightful patterns and mosaics. With our large selection of products to choose from, you can definitely find something that will fit both your budget and style needs. So don’t delay! Check out our catalog of tiles and order today and get started on your pool’s new look!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Liven Up Your Kitchen With Metal Tile Backsplash

 Liven Up Your Kitchen With Metal Tile Backsplash
Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. Since meal time is often social time as well, the kitchen is the source of family gatherings and where friends are entertained. With that in mind, most of us view the kitchen in terms of functionality, but there’s no reason why the kitchen can’t look good while fulfilling its purpose. Naturally, the type of material you choose to use in decorating your kitchen is the prime factor in creating its look. When choosing materials, you should consider the advantages of metal tile over other tile types.

Using metal tile in your backsplash can improve the look of your kitchen while also adding value to your home. The exact look you’ll get naturally depends on what type of metal you choose. Going for a warm, homey feel? Try copper tile. Copper has an additional advantage in that it ages well. As time passes, its texture and surface will change and add patterns as it’s exposed to air, adding a slowly changing look to your room. Prefer a more modern look? Pewter is the choice for you. Want something modern that’s easy to clean?

Stainless steel is what you’re looking for. In fact, metal tile overall is easier to clean than other materials, especially ceramic. Just use a damp cloth and wipe clean! Stainless steel is also useful for complimenting your stainless steel appliances, like a dishwasher or oven. With the wide variety of styles and types available, you’re sure to find something that you’ll love to have in your home.

My Tile Backsplash offers metal tile backsplashes in a variety of types and colors. In addition, we offer tile in both solid and cast metal varieties. Solid metal is more durable, while cast metal tiles are less expensive and easier to maintain. Consider our cast metal mural designs, or if you prefer something simple yet elegant, go with our plain yet stylish flat inserts in either bronze or silver. Not only does cast metal look great in the kitchen, it can be used to enhance the look of your bathroom, or even a den or living room. Metal tile offers the advantages of durability and ease of maintenance while brightening up whatever space it’s used in. Peruse our wide selection and contact us today to get started on an addition to your home that will delight you for years to come.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Finishing Touch To Your Kitchen Or Bath Remodel

 The Finishing Touch To Your Kitchen Or Bath RemodelYou’ve found the perfect tile for your kitchen or bathroom, and you’ve gotten it installed and it looks great. Congratulations! But you’re not quite finished yet. Before you put up those old light switch plates, stop to consider how they’ll blend with the room’s new look.

Your carefully selected style can be negated with old, outdated plates. Consider replacing them with something new and modern that will compliment your newly installed tile. My Tile Backsplash offers light switch plates for all types of switches, such as toggle and rocker switches, to the more complex multi-function switches. We offer switch plates from both Stonique, with their crushed stone design that will blend beautifully with with your natural stone tile, as well as the Cast Stone Weybridge plates that will look great with a variety of tile designs.

A plastic switch cover may be cheap, but it clashes with the pattern of the tile you so carefully selected and put in place. Instead, a switch plate from our wide selection to smoothly blend your light switches in with your new tile. If you’re looking for the natural stone look, Stonique plates come in 12 colors and will enhance the appearance of your stone or marble tile.

If you prefer something with a more modern flair, Weybridge plates are the way to go. Because switch plates are easily replaced, it’s a simple matter to swap out plates and update your kitchen or bathroom’s look without having to invest the time and energy to totally redo the room. Be sure to select the correct size of plate to avoid any unsightly gaps between the tile and the plate. Choose a color that blends with your tile, after all, nothing is worse than spending the money and time to install tile only to have it undone by one small detail such as the light switch plate.

Choosing the correct the switch plate can add the perfect finishing touch to your project, and can enhance the value of your home. As with many things in life, the small things can make all the difference. The correct accessories can fully maximize the potential of your kitchen or bathroom, and can let you add your own personal touch to the new addition to your home. Don’t neglect this often overlook detail. Browse our offerings and order your new switch plates today!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Choosing The Right Hardware For You

 Choosing The Right Hardware For YouWhen choosing to remodel your bathroom with tile, the biggest decision you make will be what type of tile, the color and pattern. But there are smaller decisions to make as well, which when made wisely, can bring the room together and maximize your redesigned space. In this post, we will explore the various hardware options that are available for you to add your personal flair your bathroom.

Hardware, such as cabinet handles and knobs can enhance the look of your bathroom, and have such a dramatic effect on the appearance of a room that it’s possible to completely change the appearance of a room by adding decorative handles and knobs alone, without any other additions. Also, you can use new handles and knobs to highlight a kitchen or bathroom remodel by accenting your new style.

My Tile Backsplash offers a variety of handles and knobs that are sure to enhance your cabinets and drawers. Updating the hardware in your bathroom or kitchen can be an economical way of changing the look of the room without spending a fortune. We offer a selection of Jeffery Alexander Aberdeen cabinet handles that will most definitely put the best possible look in your bath. We also offer handles for built-in kitchen appliances that are sure to impress. Not only do our handles and accessories look good, they’re easy to clean, which will allow your newly-remodeled bathroom or kitchen to keep its flair for years to come.

In addition to using decorative handles and knobs to bolster your bathroom’s appearance, we also offer shelving and soap dishes in a variety of styles and colors that will blend with your tile to create a beautiful, unique look that you can call your own. Our shelves can allow you to use all the available space in your bathroom, and with our variety of styles and colors, you’re sure to find something that will compliment your tile.

Along with shelving, we offer towel bars and soap dishes that will not only look good, but will added needed functionality. Our shelves come in a variety of colors that will fit in nicely with your new tile, and give you needed room to store towels and bathroom essentials. They effortlessly combine function and style. The right hardware accessories will add value to your bathroom and will create a seamless blend of color and style that will please you for years to come. Call or click today and see what you can create!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Creating Accent Walls To Enhance Your Home

Creating Accent Walls To Enhance Your Home
When it comes to redecorating your home, you have several choices to change the look of your rooms, whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom or even a den or living room. One way to break up a space and add a unique look and flair to a room is to create an accent wall. If you're not familiar with the concept of an accent wall, a definition is in order. Accent walls are a wall that is a different color or texture than the other three walls in a room. Usually, the rest of the walls are white and plain, while the accent wall is a bold color and tiled. My Tile Backsplash can help you create a stunning accent wall to draw in visitors and bring attention to a specific part of your room, while being easy to install.

Border Tiles Can Create The Perfect Accent Wall

One of the advantages of creating an accent wall in your home is that you don’t have to tile the entire wall to create an appealing look. Using border tiles, you can add texture and style to a plainly painted wall, without going over your budget. My Tile Backsplash carries a variety of tiles that can be used for this purpose. For example, our ceramic field tiles, in the subway style, come in several colors, such as Arctic, Buff, and Dorian. You’re sure to find something that will fit your style and preferences. Simply apply our tiles around the edges of your chosen wall, and our products will highlight the paint color you’ve selected to accent your room.

Accent Walls Aren’t Just For Kitchens And Bathrooms

While tile is primarily used in the bathroom and kitchen, an accent wall can enhance any room in your house. You can spice up your den or living room with a bold, innovative look, and use it to draw attention to say, a piece of artwork or some unique feature of your home. If you’d prefer not use paint, you can cover the entire wall in tile, perhaps creating a mosaic or pattern using different colored tiles. Accent walls allow you to showcase your creativity while emboldening up a room.

Accent Walls Can Be The Ultimate DIY Project

Because accent walls don’t require the entire wall to be tiled, they’re perfect for people who don’t have a lot of home improvement experience. You can complete an accent wall in a weekend, and have something to show off without the effort that a full backsplash would require. Accent walls offer something for everyone. Take a look at our selection and get started today! We look forward to receiving your order soon!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Creating Unique Art With Tile

 Creating Unique Art With Tile
My Tile Backsplash offers a variety of products that are sure to transform whatever room they’re used in. But did you know you can use tile to create crafts that will be a topic of conversation with visitors to your home? You don’t have to settle for limiting yourself to the designs we offer, using your creativity and skill to create unique decorations can be a fun and rewarding experience that can add your own personal flair to any room in your home.

Enhance Your Pottery With Ceramic Tile Mosaics

Did you know you can use our tile to create stunning pottery that will showcase your artistic talents and will be a one-of-a-kind item that you can show off to your friends and family? Simply take a ceramic pot or planter, and then using our many different types of tile, such as our ceramic subway tile in a variety of colors, create a mosaic by cutting individual pieces to fit your design, then affix with an appropriate adhesive such as epoxy. The result is a stunning, original art piece that will delight visitors and family alike!

Create A Mosaic Tabletop

Using ceramic tile, you can easily transform a boring outdoor table into an attractive, attention-getting surface with some simple tools and your creativity. This can be done in a variety of ways. One option is to use a hammer, and break up the tile into varying sized-pieces, and then fit them together on the table in a pleasing pattern and affix them with grout. This is the best option for someone who is not experienced with working with tile, but will still look appealing and provide a durable surface that will last.

The other choice will take a little more work, but will allow you to create a recognizable pattern or image, as opposed to random placement mentioned above. To use this method, you’ll need a ceramic knife, a large clear piece of plastic and a permanent marker. Place the plastic over the tile, and draw your pattern. Then, cut along the lines and you’ll have the individual pieces needed to make your design. Place them in position on the tabletop, and apply grout. Let it set, and your new artistic table is ready for use. My Tile Backsplash offers an assortment of tiles that you can use for your craft projects. Browse our offerings, and order today!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Enhancing Your Pottery And Crafts With Tile

Who knew repurposing could be so fun? With the “green” movement in full swing, many people are letting down their creative hair, so to speak, and looking at their homes and belongings with a new eye. As your mind wanders around your little keepsakes and décor items, you may see that you can easily turn that blah little pottery vase into a stunning work of art with the right addition of tile.

So, you picked up an inexpensive vase or planter at a thrift store or garage sale with an idea of how to make it snap with color, and yet are stuck as to exactly how to how about doing it. Tile, whether in large pieces or little mosaic pieces, can be one of the most fun and colorful ways of adding your own personal décor and touches to any of your belongings. Tile can turn a keepsake box into a work of art, and you can find just about any kind and color of tile from MyTileBacksplash to suit your décor and your budget. 

For example, you can enjoy many of our metal tiles, and can either cut them down to size or simply use them as is on your décor items. For the truly crafty, you can turn that ratty flea market end table into a dazzling focal piece by simply adding antique copper or pewter tiles on the top. You can add more small pieces of tile around the legs of the table or simply paint it a contrasting or matching color. In fact, shimmering metals are all the décor rage right now, and with the addition of some metal tiles, elbow grease and some grout, you can make that five dollar table look like a thousand dollar work of art.

Mosaic is not the only option you have for turning your crafts into a work you can be proud of; you can simply add a metal or ceramic or even glass tile border around the edges of a table or even bamboo chairs and turn it into a lush piece that will pop. You can even use natural stone borders as well to enhance the “green” aspect of your crafts. We offer a Diamond Series of natural stone borders that will add instant pizazz to any piece of furniture or craft. The Diamond Series would look spectacular along the tops and bottoms of standing wall screens, so check out our fine selection of goodies to enhance your creativity and your home.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pool Remodeling With Glass Tiles

Whether you have a Koi pond or an in-ground swimming pool, you want the look to match your sense of style. You don’t have to settle for the look of blah, but can instead use tile to make your pool – whatever size it may be – a true work of art for your home. Tile is one of the easiest ways to transform your pool, and since it is such a long lasting material, it is also a smart choice that will not only enhance the look but also help expand the life-span of the pool.

Pool tiles can really give you creative liberties for your outdoor swimming space—or if you’re lucky enough, indoor swimming pool. With so many colors and styles to choose from, you have a virtually unlimited palate. In addition, you can employ some of the terrific sea themed tiles that feature aquatic animals as accent pieces. However, remember that you do need the right kind of tiles for this purpose, and that you also want to ensure that swimmers or your Koi fish are going to be safe. Ceramic tiles are not the best option for the interior of pools as they are unusually porous and may allow moisture to build up behind the tiles. Experts recommend that you use porcelain tiles rather than ceramic.

Whether you are a contractor needing to find the right tiles for a client or whether you want to renovate your pool area yourself, MyTileBacksplash has a staggering array of tiles to choose from. You can also look over the wonderful glass tiles and accent pieces that can turn your pool into a shimmering oasis in no time. The glass tiles that are somewhat translucent will make a magnificent backdrop for the water in your pool and will help create the look you want.

You can get really creative with our glass tiles for your pool renovation, and our Recycled glass tiles will help you enjoy the “green” benefits as well. We offer many styles of glass tiles ranging from Subway tiles to Crackle glass tiles, and so no matter what your budget or your tastes, you can find the look you are after. We offer Mirror tile as well for little accent pieces, or you can use multiple types of tile for a mosaic effect. Remember, however, the translucent and see-through glass tiles will catch the sunlight and help to add to the overall water effect for your pool area. You can also use the excess tiles to create mosaic covered patio tables that match your pool and deck area! Look over our glass tile selection and think outside the box.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Creating Accent Walls With Metal Tiles

An accent wall is often used to help create a custom look and these walls add color and style to an otherwise boring area. Essentially, the accent wall is one wall that is dramatically different than the rest of the walls in the room. They are used as a special feature, or focal point and they are often a way to showcase color and texture as well. Many people today are enjoying the staggering array of tiles for use as an accent wall, and you can find metal tiles that are particularly spectacular for accent walls.

Metal tiles can come in all colors and shapes, but today’s do it yourselfers have a much larger option to choose from. MyTileBacksplash has pewter, copper, stainless steel and other types of metal tiles that can ensure that your accent wall shines. Our Antique copper metal tiles are the perfect choice for just about any décor, and you can also incorporate these tiles as a border or accent piece in the rest of your home to create an even more seamless look.

These metal tile accent walls can be used in any room in the house from the bathroom to the guest room; there is no wrong answer for this type of décor. However, since the metal tiles are so impactful, remember to use the space appropriately – a little bit of accent goes a long way. Don’t over-do the effect by making too many accent walls or too large an accent area but make sure that the effect is appropriate. The accent wall will be the most visible section in the room, so do your best to ensure that your tiling work is good. It will be noticed by all visitors, so do yourself proud.

When looking over the selection of metal tiles to be used for your accent wall, remember that you can mix and match as you like to create a mosaic effect as well. You don’t necessarily have to just use one type of metal tile, but can create a magnificent picture or design by using different colors or sizes of tile. These tiles can also be used as a simple border around a differently colored accent wall as well.

Browse through the great selection of metal tiles at MyTileBacksplash and see just what your imagination can come up with for your accent wall.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Aventurine Tiles Make Redecorating An Adventure

Aventurine tile has quickly become incredibly popular, and rightfully so. This gorgeous, deeply hued tile is filled with streaks of metallic color, and the unusual range of hues available for the tile can match any décor style. MyTileBacksplash has all of the colors of the rainbow to choose from, and you can enjoy our Hakatai Aventurine Amethyst, Aubergine, Cobalt or Bordeaux for starters. These tiles typically come in batches of small blocks on one sheet, and this makes it incredibly easy to add them in oddball spaces such as backsplashes or even as borders.

These tiles are definitely considered to be high-end, and you can find them in colors that simply stagger the imagination. The gorgeous metallic shimmers inside the tiles gives them a wonderful three dimensional quality that is unmatched by any other type of tile. They look spectacular anywhere in the home, but when you use them in places where there is a lot of light, the effect is pure magnificence, since the metallic shimmers and deep, rich colors will glow in the light.

MyTileBacksplash has some wonderful selections of Aventurine to choose from, and you can mix and match for a mosaic effect as well. We even offer many Aventurine tiles that feature several colors within a single panel so you can easily get a mosaic effect without the work. The glistening colors will truly create a focal point wherever you use them, whether they are part of a mosaic or a solid color.

Quite simply, although these tiles can be a bit more expensive, the unusual colors make them worth it. In addition, since the sheets feature several small blocks, they are also the easiest tile to lie down and grout, and this makes them perfect for a beginner do-it-yourselfer. You can also enjoy using the leftovers for your crafts and can add small blocks as a border around your walls, fireplaces, patio furniture or tables and even on the floor!

MyTileBacksplash is not only the place to find the tiles you really want, but we can also offer helpful tips and tricks to make it easier to install the tile. We have coupons, installation help, photo galleries and more to make your tile experience a good one, and an easy one. Look over our gallery to see just how Aventurine can transform your home in an instant.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Adding Tile To Your Fountains And Outdoor Areas For Accent

Your outdoor area is so much more than just a place to sit at the end of the day; it’s also a place where you can enjoy the sunshine with friends and family, or enjoy your fruitful garden for the season. Fountains have made a very big comeback in the outdoor décor world, and while you can certainly just install them as is, you also have the option to really create a dramatic looking focal point for your outdoor area if you choose.

If you are a competent do-it-yourselfer, it is actually fairly easy to create a magnificent tiled fountain wall with very little work. One way to do this is to get a backboard appropriate for tile and grout and have it cut into the shape you want for the backdrop for your fountain. When it is cut to the right shape, you can start by laying out the tile, dry, and create the design you want. Once you are satisfied with the design, whether you go for mosaic or Mediterranean style, you can then grout it in. Once it is dry, grouted and sealed, simply set it up and attach the fountain.

In addition to the use of tile around the fountain itself, you can also create an outdoor fireplace area that features matching tiles. Travertine is one of the most popular types of tile for outdoor use, and this natural stone can come in several colors and shapes. Travertine is incredibly durable and is perfect for outdoor use as well as indoor. In fact, you can use travertine in the same style and color for both your indoor and outdoor areas for a seamless flow. You can enjoy the fun selection of natural stone murals at MyTileBacksplash to create even more décor and accent to your fountain.

If you want your fountain to be your center piece for an outdoor sitting area, remember that you don’t have to settle for the fountain as is. You can easily add your own mosaic tile or regular tile within the fountain to create a far more colorful and ornate piece. Since you can also lay down travertine tile as a walkway, you can make an entire section that fairly radiates with ornate style.

MyTileBacksplash has a wonderful selection of travertine and natural stone tiles that can make your outdoor area the best spot in your home. We can even offer hints and tips and even more accent pieces to ensure that your next fountain renovation project is a success, so start browsing and see just what you can do with tile.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bath Remodeling – White Marble Creates Space

Want to turn your blah bathroom into a showplace worthy of Cleopatra? If you have been looking for ideas on how to make your bathroom improvements but don’t know where to get started, MyTileBacksplash is just what you need! We offer a vast selection of tile types, ranging from natural stone to ceramic and metal, and can even offer you the little decorative accent pieces and even advice on how to lay your tile.

A bathroom, by necessity, is a room that has constant moisture, and for this reason alone, tile is one of the best substances to use. Whether it is a tile floor or tile cabinet tops, you can create a beautiful looking room that is also water proof. One way to really vamp up your bathing area is to enjoy a wall-to-wall tile surface within the shower itself. Marble tiles are an excellent choice for this and although marble can be a bit more expensive than other types of tile, it is one of the most long-lasting and most beautiful styles we offer. You can use a lovely and soft grey and white marble tile to create an illusion of vast space, and if you use white grout, you will create an almost seamless looking surface.

One way to creatively employ marble in your bathroom is to use one type of marble tiles for the shower and bath areas, and then use another style or color of marble tile for the regular, or dry, areas in the bathroom. Use the same basic shade but with different streaks for a slight differential between the two areas. You could also simply use the same marble tiles for the walls, floors and cabinets; this will create an incredible sense of space within even the smallest bathrooms. White has been a decorator’s secret weapon for creating space forever and you can use this trick to help make your bathroom feel clean and large.

Look over the selection of marble tiles we have available and jump start your bath renovation!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Getting Creative With Your Tile Flooring

Tile makes spectacular flooring for many reasons. Not only is it available in practically limitless colors, shapes and materials, but it is easy to clean, easy to put in your home and it can actually help your home stay more efficient as well. However, not everyone is content with the ho-hum look of plain old tile flooring. If you want to add your own personal touch to your new tile floor, you have come to the right place. MyTileBacksplash celebrates creativity by offering some of the most intriguing types of tile and ideas to match!

One fun way to add some pizzazz to your tile floor is to incorporate a central focal point with contrasting tile. Whether you choose to use a different color or choose to change the pattern, you can turn a plain old floor into an antique looking mosaic very easily. In addition, you can add the excess tiles around the fireplace or even add them to an accent wall for even more style.

Borders made of tile around a plain tile floor make a great impact on the home décor. These borders can help demarcate a particular space or you can simply make some fun designs as well. Remember, though, that once the grout is in place, you are stuck with the end result. Experts recommend that you carefully lay out the tile in the design you want long before you break out the grout. This will ensure you are satisfied with the design and pattern before you actually commit.

For those with children, one fun way to use many types of tile flooring is to make puzzle pieces and let the kids help! Your children will enjoy the chance to help with the fun project and it will also create lasting memories for you as well. Simply have a professional tile cutter cut the pieces for you if you can’t do it yourself, and then you and the kids can lay out the tile in the way you want it and then grout it in. You can use different colors of tile for the puzzle pieces or simply make them in different shapes.

MyTileBacksplash is your source for creative tile designs. Try our Crackled Ceramic Tile if you want an “old world look” or try our vast selection of Subway glass tiles that can be used in many different ways.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Using Tile Murals For Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Sometimes you just get tired of seeing the same-old same-old in your home, and a remodel or renovation can add a lot of splash and dash that can help your home feel new and fresh. A kitchen remodel is one of the most popular and efficient types of remodels, simply because you can get a lot of change for very little expense. In addition, for those would-be home sellers, a remodel of the kitchen can add a lot of enticement to the potential buyers, while costing you very little money comparatively.

With the Internet awash with do-it-yourself remodeling ideas and projects, there is no dearth of information that can help you get the look you want while saving as much money as possible. One of the best ways that you can add a lot of equity for very little expense is to employ tiles in your kitchen. Tile, whether they are ceramic, stone, marble or even metal, add a welcome bit of color and since they can also help your kitchen stay cleaner and increase the lifespan of your flooring as well.

When choosing the décor ideas for your kitchen tile makeover, remember that you can enjoy the delightful new tile accent pieces they now have on the market. Here at MyTileBacksplash we have a magnificent collection of kitchen backsplash murals that will make your kitchen look more like an art museum and less like a place where you wash your dishes! These murals are absolutely magnificent and can instantly create the look of high quality and good taste you want. Our backsplash tiles can even come with guides to help you install the mural easily and correctly. Our Linda Paul collection is available for those who love the look of art, and we even offer easy tips and hints for installation as well.

For the truly creative minded, you can put a fun twist on your tile floor by putting a Linda Paul mural on your kitchen floor rather than on the wall as a backsplash. This will give the room a center and focal point and it is an unusual way to draw full attention to your kitchen, whether for yourself or for potential buyers. Remember, MyTileBacksplash is the home of the creative tile, and you need to look over our full selection to truly appreciate just how much we really have to offer any creative do-it-yourselfer.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Interesting Ways To Employ Glass Tile Backsplash Designs

Glass has been used for decoration for thousands of years, and aside from stained glass windows, few churches and even homes had splashes of color in ancient times. The art of making stained glass has changed over time, which is actually a fortunate thing, as the old fashioned method of making stained glass often involved using lead paints. Today’s decorators have much safer and far more versatile stained glass tiles to choose from, and can enjoy some pretty creative looking results.

If using solid colored glass tiles, mosaic is a very popular, easy and affordable to turn any kitchen counter, floor, wall or even table top into a work of art. You can buy pre-broken tiles or simply buy the color tile you like as is and break them into small pieces. Then, using the right kind of mosaic grout, you can mix and match the tiles into a pattern; much like you would put together a puzzle. You can even use art for inspiration, and section off your mosaic project into grids and put together a replica. 

Translucent glass colored tiles can be used in mosaics and they can also be stacked up and added to glass windows to create what truly looks like a stained glass. There is no limit to where you can use the tile, whether as a backsplash or as flooring, but remember that a thinner tile is not as strong and isn’t always the best choice for flooring.

One fun way to spice up your kitchen or any room, really, is to use the same color glass tiles on a wall, and use matching grout as well to create a shining glass wall for a greatly discounted cost. You can also work a ribbon of mosaic tile throughout the wall as well for a more personalized accent.
It can be fun to use themes in your glass tile mosaics, such as creating waves or sea creatures in the bathroom or chili peppers in the kitchen and children often have a great time creating mosaics with their parents for a long lasting art display that also improves the appearance of the home. Tile can offer durability as well and as long as the grout is properly applied and sealed, the tile can create strong moisture and rot barrier and thus prolong the life of your home in many ways.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Renovating Within Budget With Tile Backsplashes

Getting a good bargain can be fun but when it comes to home renovation, you really have to ask yourself how much you want to save and how important the quality versus quantity will be. While you want to save as much as possible on your construction or redecoration, you also want the results to be worth the time and money you spent for a long time to come. Fortunately, one of the best and most durable materials for your kitchen – tile – is also a very affordable way to completely overhaul any room in the house.

When looking over your options for tile, remember that the thickness can often determine how sturdy and valuable a tile actually is and where it should be used. A thin and fairly brittle tile can be terrific as a backsplash, but be too fragile for flooring or kitchen cabinets. The main advantage of putting up a backsplash out of glass tile is that you can get the thinnest and least expensive tile out there with fewer ramifications, because the backsplash probably gets used and abused the least.

A terrific aspect of using discount tile backsplash is that you can buy in bulk for a lower price and thus can enjoy tile as mosaic, or can cover more surfaces with tile due to the lower cost. A backsplash is not just for decoration, but is for protection of the walls behind the stove and sink – areas that traditionally see a lot of grease, moisture and debris. Tile is easy to clean and sanitize and creates a moisture barrier for the walls as well. In areas like kitchens and bathrooms, this is a prized quality indeed.

Tile is truly a remarkable type of substance to use in a home, and the vast array of styles, thicknesses, colors and textures means you can always find something to match both your décor and your budget. In addition, tile is fairly easy to install and requires few tools and only a little research and practice to install tile like a pro. You can often even rent the equipment you may need – such as a tile cutter – from local home stores.

If you want your home to have a fresh new look and yet need to keep within budget, tile can add equity and pretty much offers the biggest bang for the buck and you can use the tiles as the main backsplash and even make your own borders as well.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Light Switch Covers Can Make A Room Feel Complete

The light switch cover, obviously, didn’t come about until the advent of electricity, since the whole point of a light switch cover is to conceal the electrical wiring that leads to the power switch for the lights. What many people tend to overlook is how much your covers can really offer style to any room, and how easy it can be to personalize your home and add those fun little details that really bespeak a home with great switch covers.

You don’t have to settle on one kind of switch plate or cover for your entire home, but can personalize each room. One way to keep each room unique while still enjoying a house hold flow is to use different colored metal switch plates for each room. If the décor of one room is silver, have a shining brushed silver switch plate. If another room is covered in lovely old wood furniture items, use a tarnished looking switch plate with a nice patina to add to the aged air. There are just about every conceivable kind of switch plate cover on the market and can find them in many sizes and for many different kinds of switches as well.

Tile switch covers are fun too, and if you can’t find any that are pre-made to your liking, you can make them yourself! You can mosaic glass or ceramic tile on a metal or wooden switch cover and can make beautiful designs unique for every room. You can make each room your own with something as simple as a light switch cover, and can even use tile to make a permanent border around the cover itself and then change the cover when you redecorate.

It is the little touches that make a room add up to much more than just a place to live but make it a place to express your taste and style and your dedication to a unique home that you helped create. You can also help disguise those unsightly telephone jacks in the same way, by turning an eyesore into an accent with the right kind of switch plates.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Surprising Benefit For Glass Backsplashes – Passive Solar Energy

There are many types of tile on the market, and the internet is full of ideas of what you can do with Glass tile in your home. Since you can literally find tile of just about any shape and size, you are truly only limited by your budget and your creativity.  In addition, tile is not only highly decorative and easy to implement into an existing space, but it has a surprising benefit that may actually help you save money – tile can absorb heat and cool air and so offers passive solar energy as well.

Passive solar energy means just that – it is passive, not active and while it won’t generate electricity for you, it does collect radiant heat from, say, a kitchen and can help keep the ambient temperature more regular, thus lowering your need for additional heat. Glass tiles, which are often much thicker than ceramic or porcelain tiles, are exceptional for capturing the heat as a backsplash. Conversely, if you want to enjoy a cooler kitchen in the summer time, the radiant coolness can collect in the tiles as well, so it works both ways.

When decorative with tile in any way, whether as a backsplash or as your flooring and cabinets, remember this passive energy source and try to utilize it as much as possible, since it is going to save you money in the long run. Choose tiles that can help absorb where you need it, and that will also highlight your sense of style.

Tile is a rare substance that is not only a beautiful way to decorate to your individual tastes, but to also help provide your home with a welcome source of passive energy. In today’s green homes, this can really add up over time. Every little step you take to harness the energy of the sun can lessen your costs of living, and so even expensive tiles and backsplashes will pay for themselves eventually.

In order to get the most passive energy usage out of your tiles, thicker blocks – particularly those made of glass – are exceptional in the kitchen. In some instances, glass tiles are actually being used as part of a whole house heating unit, as air flow is being conducted beneath the glass tiles and carried off to the central heating unit. While this technology is not exactly widely available in the United States, you can still enjoy the basic principle at work here and make your home as efficient as it is lovely.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Reasons Why Marble Is Still A Favorite Substance For Homes

Marble has been a favored material for building since ancient times and this beautiful rock is still widely in use today. While few people can afford to cover their floors or cabinets with large chunks of marble, marble tiles are much more affordable and also offer many benefits.

Marble tiles are made out of marble rock, of course. Once the large chunks of marble are quarried, they are cut into manageable slabs and turned into tiles of an even size. The striations of color within the marble will be unique, distinctive and will vary widely according to where the marble was quarried and how it was cut into tile.

When it comes to renovating your home with marble tiles, there are no hard and fast rules, particularly since most marble comes in very neutral colors and therefore will match just about any pre-existing décor. However, it is important to remember that marble does have its pros and cons and works better for some households than others.

Polished marble floors are indescribably lovely, and catch even the slightest sunbeam and return it with a high shine that gives any room a beautiful look. However, polished marble is also very slick and is not recommended for households where small children or the elderly could come to harm. If you must have marble flooring, it is recommended that you instead get the distressed marble that has some tactile resistance.

Marble tiles are spectacular for kitchen cabinets and backsplashes, but since marble can be very porous, if you live in a household where spills are the norm, you either need to be prepared to mop up spills very quickly – marble will stain – or get a special sealing treatment to help prevent porosity from ruining your beautiful marble cabinets.

One great advantage of marble is that it can conduct heat better than porcelain or ceramic tiles and this makes it wonderful for passive solar heat, particularly for flooring. Put down gleaming marble tile in your bathrooms or kitchens and you have a relatively self-sustaining material that is incredibly easy to clean – simply wipe and sterilize and a material that can help keep the radiant temperature in a room even. Even better, marble is durable enough to literally last for centuries, so you are always making a lasting investment.

If you have a strict budget and still want marble in your home, you can use it as accent pieces, use the marble tile within other ceramic tile patterns, or simply use it for borders or backsplashes if you can’t coat your entire home in marble.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Slate Backsplash Tile Can Offer Surprising Benefits And Design

Slate is a type of rock that has been used for roofing for many centuries, but today it can be found as tiled flooring, kitchen cabinets and backsplashes. As more people are turning to natural materials for their home, the manufacturers of tiles are meeting their demands by offering many new types of tile, such as slate, granite, marble and more.

Slate is often found in soft, earth tones and can match magnificently with just about any existing décor, from contemporary to shabby chic. Since slate can often carry beautiful veins of colors, it also offers a completely unique look and no two tiles will be exactly alike to add a great personal touch to your home.

As a backsplash, slate tile is terrific as it can offer a good moisture barrier and will not be exposed to blows or usage that could shatter the sometimes brittle slate. However, one of the truly greatest qualities for tile in a kitchen is that it won’t scorch or be harmed if you set a hot pan or other heated item on it – slate has tremendous thermal qualities and can conduct the heat away from the source, making it safe for many purposes. In fact, when used for flooring, slate is one of the best sources of passive solar heat, and can keep a room warmer or cooler, depending on the surrounding temperature of a room.

For kitchen backsplashes, slate has an interesting texture and porosity that can enhance any room, whether you use it entirely as your backsplash or just as a border around other types of tiles. While slate can sometimes be a bit more expensive than other types of tile, it is very durable when installed and used correctly and so makes a better long term investment.

Some fun slate tile backsplash decorating ideas use small bits of slate tile and create a running pattern within the backsplash by using the interesting veins of color within the slate. Some folks have used large sized tiles for the main backsplash and then added borders of multihued slate pieces around the edges for a mosaic like effect. Some people also add metal tiles within the backsplash in a complementary color to really add an eye popping effect.

You can often go online and find existing patterns that people have used and simply transfer that design to your backsplash or you can just use your creativity and imagination and come up with something completely unique and all your own.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Stone Tile Backsplashes Make A Splash

As more natural building materials become available, more people are utilizing the naturally good qualities of these materials and enjoying the durability and beauty of using nature within their home. Natural stone tiles are an excellent example of this and many manufacturers can today offer an incredible array of natural stone tiles in many colors, shapes, thicknesses and prices.

Natural stone can refer to marble, granite, slate and any other natural and hard substance that can be made into tile and used for flooring, countertops, backsplashes and even wall coverings. What is even better about using natural stone is that there truly is no wrong way to lay these tiles, as far as the decorative aspect. You can get all matching tiles, you can mismatch them all completely, and you can use the veins of natural color in them to create subtle patterns as well. In fact, when you use natural stone tile for a backsplash or cabinet or even floor, you can let your creative wings spread and relax because there is pretty much no wrong pattern with stone.

A backsplash is not just a decorative part of your kitchen wall, but actually provides a useful function, in that it can also offer protection from grease splashes, from water being splashed and so it makes an effective moisture barrier as well as a stout protection from your cooking and cleaning activities. While most types of natural stone are fairly porous, you can either get it sealed, or can simply wipe down the surface of the natural stone each and every time you use the area around it. However, when choosing the materials for the backsplash, keep this in mind and you may want to select more non-porous stone such as granite as opposed to a more porous option such as sandstone.

When you find yourself dithering between many types of natural stone options for your backsplash, remember to take a look at the space as a whole, not just as one section. Ensure that the backsplash will flow with the rest of the room and even the rest of the house. While there is no right or wrong when it comes to designing with natural stone, you still want a seamless and natural look and so do try to select a material that will enhance the décor and style that is already in existence in your kitchen and the rest of your home.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Decorative Metal Tiles Can Offer Some Surprising Looks

Metal tile has long been overlooked as a fantastic and affordable decorating option for kitchen backsplashes, but thanks to the introduction of better machining capabilities, metal tiles are more affordable than ever. In fact, you can find metal tiles that look like Victorian style etched metal, can find slivers of metal paneling for borders, or to make an entire wall full of tile with a gorgeous metallic sheen.

Metal tiles have their pros and cons like any other type of tile, but since these types of tiles can come in such a wide array of pricing, you can easily find something to fit your budget and if you do need to use a lesser quality metal tile for a cheaper price, at least you will be able to afford to replace them.

What is really fun about metal tiles is the unique shapes that they can come in, from rounded pebbled looking tiles to long and rectangular strips and even to huge tiles and sheets that can cover an entire wall. Since they do come in so many different sizes, they are spectacular as backsplashes or to use on walls in odd spaces, where it could be exceedingly difficult to use regular tile.

When you finally choose the size, shape and color of metal tile you want, always overestimate the amount you will need. This will give you wiggle room for mistakes, redo’s and any extra pieces you could use for borders. When the tile arrives, lay it out where you plan to install and essentially mockup the final look you want before setting the tile for good. When cutting, be sure to use a saw absolutely recommended for metal tile and do not just assume all tile cutters will work on metal tiles. You need the right kind of blade, typically diamond or carbide. These metal cutting blades can be cooled with a specific type of oil to keep the temperature down.

Use the appropriate type of adhesive for metal tiles and always allow a little extra room for the edges of the tile, since metal cannot expand like other substances. You can grout or caulk the outlines once you have the tiles in place and can simply wipe off the excess with a wet rag.

Remember to check into the many colors and types of metal tile that can include copper, antique patina metal, shining silver and aluminum and much more.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Spruce Up Your Home With A Travertine Backsplash

Travertine is a type of limestone rock, and while it hasn’t been quite as popular as other types of natural stone tiles such as granite and marble, travertine is quickly making a splash in the decorating scene of today.

Travertine stone tiles feature unusual saturation of colors that you simply cannot find in other types of tile, and the ruggedness makes it especially welcome in busy households where spills and dropped items are common. The other added feature to travertine is that it can hold heat and cold quite well and so makes a nice passive solar addition as well as a lovely accent piece.

 When choosing your travertine, you need to take a look at the cost. While it is somewhat pricier than some other types of plain ceramic tile, it is also far more long lasting and so if you plan to be in your home for many years, it makes a smart investment. It is also fairly easy to install and you can also get pieces custom cut for the backsplash and borders or simply use your own tools to customize your travertine tiles.

An added benefit of travertine is that it can literally come in just about any color, since the natural striations of color will come through when these tiles are quarried and cut to size as tiles. This means that even if you have some pretty unusual colors in your décor, you can still find a matching or complimentary color of travertine without any problem. However, since each tile will have individual characteristics and no two are alike, when the time comes to replace a broken tile, you won’t have any trouble finding a match – simply find a matching color because the pattern variations won’t matter!

As a backsplash, few substances are as lovely as travertine. It can be polished to a high shine and when properly grouted and sealed will be fairly resistant to liquids. The downside to travertine is that as a countertop, it can be stained if a colored liquid sits on it too long, and so it may be better as a backsplash than as a countertop unless you are exceptionally careful. It is also recommended that you do not use acidic cleaners that could cause scarring or damage to the surface of the travertine. When looking over your options for travertine, remember that you can get complete creative freedom from this lovely natural stone and can enjoy a tile surface that can literally last for decades.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Make Your Room Urban Chic

Subway tiles are aptly named as they are called such due to the fact that once upon a time, these were the tiles that were used simply to line subway tunnels. Made for residential and commercial use, these Subway tiles can come in pretty much just about any shape and size, although traditionally they are flat and slick.

Back in by gone eras, there weren’t as many options for your tiles, so if you are trying to mimic the period look, then line your walls with white subway tiles and black accent pieces for an urban chic look. This works especially well when the rest of the decor feels art deco vintage. What is really nice about subway tiles is that they have an unusual gleam and luster that adds a nice shine to any space, and the smooth surface makes these tiles incredibly easy to clean.

For design ideas, it is a great idea to look at the Art Deco period and see how the decorators of that time used patterns within patterns and created wonderful shapes and borders with pieces of these subway tiles. Some of the more fun shapes offer narrow and rectangular tiles, and these can make for a spectacular backsplash that really pops out of the wall. When it comes to a backsplash you have two options – to make it a seamless part of the rest of your kitchen or to use it as a focal point. With subway tiles, you can do either, but since the shapes of these tiles are so unusual, it would be a shame to relegate these tiles to the ho-hum backdrop for your kitchen. Instead, try to create a vibrant section of backdrop and backsplash that can make the whole room interesting.

The delightful thick glass tile with color underneath gives a lovely sea-like feel to these tiles, and again, this is why they are so spectacular with kitchens and bathrooms. They can help create an oceanic feel to any room and blend well with existing décor very nicely. These tiles are also very easy to install due to their uniform thickness and as long as you grout and seal them properly, they are an incredibly sanitary way to decorate your home. If you should happen to have left over subway tiles after finishing your backsplash, a fun idea that lets you use up the remainder is to take a block of plywood, add your extra tiles and grout them in and then you have a matching and decorative cutting board as well!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Slate Backsplash Tiles Make Your Home Look Naturally Beautiful

The lovely and soft earth tones of slate is part of what makes it such a delightful addition to any home – within the earthy palate, you can combine the rustic reds, soft taupe colors and natural greys with just about any existing décor. While the colors of the slate do make a rather bold statement, it is done with just the right touch of understated elegance that makes a seamless addition to your kitchen or bathroom areas. These slate tiles can come in large slabs or small chunks, and the thickness is available in a wide variety as well.

When it comes to using slate as a backsplash, it is important to note that slate is particularly fire and heat resistant, making it a smart choice for kitchen areas, particularly around a stove. In addition, thanks to the natural striations of color found in slate, you will get one of a kind tiles with each and every one for a beautiful finished look that is completely unique to your home and your home alone.

You can choose to order pre-cut slate or cut your own during the installation process. However, even if you do order pre-cut tiles, you will need to be prepared to do some cutting around outlets and in odd sections of your kitchen. Slate is easy to cut, due to the softness of the stone, but it is also a bit more fragile and breaks and splinters easily so use great care when cutting or hire someone to cut the tiles for you if you have your doubts about your handyman abilities.

Slate does not wear or fade like other types of tiles, and it can last for many, many years if installed and cared for correctly. This low maintenance tile can be customized to create fantastic designs, and although it can be stained by coffee and wine, it is also easy to clean despite the porosity. Remember when you install your tile, to seal it as well as you possibly can, as this will help create the best barrier against wear, moisture and stains.

The advantages of slate are clear – this is a low maintenance, ecologically friendly material that can last for decades and offer your home soft shades of elegant colors often only found in nature. The ease of installation and care also makes this type of material a winner for any home and you can even make your own custom slate border as well.